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2004 Mini Reviews

About Me

My obsession with film began as a small child. Of course I was initially taken by the Star Wars saga, and had the plastic toy collection to prove it. My interest in film developed during the 80s, thanks mostly to my father, who had a taste for both mainstream and artistic film, thus I was exposed to both. I fell in love with Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Right Stuff, while I also came to appreciate the more mature films such as Amadeus and Hannah and Her Sisters. My obsession with artistic film finally materialized after my first viewing of Barton Fink. From there on, I've been a sucker for the hidden motif, excessive symbolism and convoluted, yet cohesive plot structures.

During the 90s I took a brief hiatus from my film obsession to, you know, get a career and all that. I worked in the IT industry for several companies, eventually starting my own that centered on Web Development. Initially we created sites for small to medium sized, local businesses, but as time passed we became more interested in creating our own sites. We launched the W3Nation network (i know, not a good name), which focused on educational materials for budding web designers and developers. The site became quite popular and we received a great deal of attention. We were later acquired by a company out in California called iBoost Technology in 2000. I worked there for a year until the bottom dropped on the technology game. iBoost went out of business and I moved on. I wrote hundreds of pages of educational materials in the process and started to develop an interest in writing.

I'm completely out of the technology game now, although most of my outdated writings are still online. I have transitioned to a nearly full-time film reviewer, with a focus on independent, foreign and classic film. In addition to this site, I also write for Movie-Vault, Joe Critic, and sometimes I hang around Rotten Tomatoes.