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2004 Mini Reviews


BigSPEEGS Goes to the Movies: Some great content, including plenty of reviews and interviews. I always look forward to Speeg's year end lists.

Cinema Center: Gabe Leibowitz is one of the reviewers I respect the most. He has a tremendous amount of content on his site, and all of his reviews and opinions are very insightful.

Doclop: He sees a lot of movies, and I find that I agree with him more than most other reviewers.

Flick Filosopher: Mary Ann Johanson's reviews are often as entertaining as they are insightful. She also has great taste and I often agree with her.

Flip Side Movie Emporium: A nice film review site with the aforementioned Gabe, along with a few other critics. They always have high quality reviews of the most recent features.

In a Movie Place: Covers classic, foreign and contemporary film. Reviews, lists, screening logs and more. Impeccable taste.

Rotten Tomatoes: The definitive movie review site/community. I'm a regular there.

Internet Movie Database: If you've made it to my site, I'm sure you know about the most popular movie site on the net. Here's a link anyway.