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The Brown Bunny

Playing at Lefont Plaza Theater
Vincent Gallo's Cannes Film Festival art-house sensation, starring director himself as a motorcycle racer traveling to California, obsessed by a lost love (Chloe Sevigny) and trying to find distraction as he crosses the United States. The film shocked audiences with the scene of unsimulated sex.
Code 46

Playing at United Artists Tara Cinemas
In the dystopian future, where cloning has gone amok and travel into or out of cities is tightly restricted, Tim Robbins is an investigator assigned to track down the smuggling of people out of Shanghai. Samantha Morton plays his love interest, doomed by futuristic genetics laws.

Playing at Lefont Garden Hills
The story of an extremely odd couple: a young Latino man who will do anything for his family and a 30-something scheming white guy who will do anything TO his family. One wants to save his father. The other wants to get rich, in any way possible. So when they come across one of the most valuable pieces of currency in U.S. history, they're suddenly stuck together, and that's just...criminal. All they have to do is sell it, which is where the real problems begin. And of course the only way out is family: the one person who can help them, hates them: the schemer's sister. (Rated for language)
Donnie Darko (Director's Cut)

Playing at Lefont Plaza Theater
A brilliant but delusional 16 -year-old boy, Donnie Darko, survives a bizarre, near fatal accident that will soon come back to haunt him. Meanwhile, he begins a shaky relationship with the new girl at school, and the voices in his head take the form of a six-foot evil bunny named Frank who instructs Donnie to commit acts of vandalism. All of this culminates on Halloween, when, Frank says, the world will come to an end. Featuring Drew Barrymore and Bubble Boy's Jake Gyllenhaal.
Festival Express

Playing at United Artists Tara Cinemas
A concert film follows the Festival Express rock tour of 1970, headlined by Janis Joplin, the Band, and the Grateful Dead. As the artists crisscrossed Canada, they took advantage of the wired tour train to put on jam sessions, which provide the documentary's highlights.
The Five Obstructions

Playing at Landmark Midtown Art Cinema
Danish auteur Lars von Trier directs the documentary-of-sorts The Five Obstructions (De Fem Benspænd). In 2001, von Trier convinces veteran filmmaker Jørgen Leth to create five remakes of his 1967 short The Perfect Human. Calling himself the Obstructor, von Trier orders Leth to make his films in various parts of the world with extremely specific demands. For instance, the first film must be shot in Cuba with no set with only 12 frames per shot. The five remakes-within-the-film are "The Perfect Human: Bombay," "The Perfect Human: Brussels," "The Perfect Human: Cartoon," "The Perfect Human: Cuba," and "The Perfect Human: Avedøre, Denmark." Each has its own set of ridiculous limitations created by von Trier. The Five Obstructions was shown at the Sundance Film Festival as part of a special screening. ~ Andrea LeVasseur, All Movie Guide
The Hunting of the President

Playing at Landmark Midtown Art Cinema
In interviews, Hillary Clinton once warned of the "vast right wing conspiracy" out to destroy Bill Clinton's presidency. This documentary tracks the anti-Clinton financiers, right-wing pundits, lawyers, and the one independent counsel who allegedly constituted this conspiracy.
Mean Creek

Playing at Landmark Midtown Art Cinema
Six school kids set out on a river rafting expedition, with the true motive for the journey kept from one of them, the schoolyard bully who will be made to suffer for his maliciousness. Once the trip starts, though, the rafters being arguing about the plan, disagreements that soon turn disastrous for all of them.
We Don't Live Here Anymore

Playing at United Artists Tara Cinemas and Lefont Sandy Springs (formerly Madstone)
Jack Linden (Mark Ruffalo) and Hank Evans (Peter Krause) are best friends and fellow English professors whose marriages are unraveling. Jack is having an affair with Hank's wife Edith (Naomi Watts), while Hank's roving eye has landed on Jack's wife Terry (Laura Dern).
What the #$*! Do We Know!?

Playing at Landmark Midtown Art Cinema
Documentary elements and elaborate visual effects are combined with a narrative to probe the inner workings of the universe, and the connection between religion and science. The heroine, Amanda (Marlee Matlin), becomes a sort of Alice in Wonderland when her life literally begins to unravel. Meanwhile, 14 top real-life scientists and spiritual mystics act as a Greek chorus.