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The Society
The Atlanta Film Society is a cultural organization dedicated to highlighting some of the more obscure film events in the city, as well as providing services to its member base. At present, the society is in its formulative stage, and is mostly providing resources to local events rather than hosting its own. This will change in the future, as we will gradually offer services as our organization grows.

Ultimately, the AFS is a project rooted in our passion for film. Our desire and motivation is to to see Atlanta grow into a more diverse and cultured film market.

Our plans for the future are ambitious, but we hope to bring all of the following at some point:

  • Community Events
  • Free Passes for members and mailing lists
  • Screenings of foreign, independent and classic film
  • Specialized film festivals
  • Discussion forums
  • Fresh, localized website content

If you are interested in volunteering your services or just taking an active role in the society, please send an email to

We are constantly updating the site with written content, including reviews, news and articles. If you are interested in submitting something you've written, please send it to Aaron West.

Our Staff
Aaron West - President