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Posted by Aaron, 9/11/04
Welcome to the new site. The AFS is a new organization dedicated to highlighting and facilitating artistic film in Atlanta. This site will serve as a guide to local film events, with a focus on independent, foreign and classic films. In the future, we will provide free passes to upcoming screenings, exhibit our own screenings, and even host some specialized
film festivals.

Please keep an eye on this page, as it will update frequently. If you or your organization are hosting an upcoming event, please drop me a line at

Those of you trying to reach Aaron West Film Reviews can find it here. We are in the process of merging the two sites, however, so please check the AFS page for future updates.


Posted by Aaron, 9/11/04
The Key Sunday Cinema Club will begin its Fall Season on September 26th at the Lefont Garden Hills theater. For those of you that aren't aware, the Key Cinema Club is a series of 7 films that are screened usually long before they are released commercially. Each screening is hosted by Emory Assistant Film Studies Professor Matthew Bernstein. After the screening, a lecture and Q&A is held, sometimes with guest professors.

The Fall Season typically brings a great deal of American Oscar contenders to the film, while the Spring season usually focuses on foreign imports. Last year, films such as In America, Girl With a Pearl Earring and Whale Rider were screened at the club.

For tickets call (888) 467-0404. The cost is $105 per membership. Walkin tickets are $20.


Posted by Aaron, 9/11/04
Landmark announced the lineup to their second Midnight Movies series. After the overwhelming success of their Summer series, which included cult favorites such as Office Space and Hedwig and the Angry Inch, the Midtown Art Theater has come through with even more cult classics.

October 15th: Clerks
October 22nd: The Nightmare Before Christmas
October 29th: Evil Dead 2
November 5th: The Shining
November 12th: Pink Flamingos
November 19th: Requiem for a Dream
November 26th: The Princess Bride
December 3rd: Pulp Fiction


Posted by Aaron, 8/29/04
Legally British! Reese Witherspoon takes on Thackeray's 900+ page novel set in pre-Victorian England. Plenty others have passed on the novel due to its size, but perhaps what they were missing was a Bollywood director and an A-List star.

Vanity Fair is playing at several metro area multiplexes, as well as at Midtown Art Cinema and Lefont Sandy Springs (formerly Madstone).
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